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July 2015


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Nail It: Choose the Right Job for Your Personality

Large employer or small? Laid-back culture or high-energy environment? Where will you thrive? Learn how to make the best choice for your personality and career goals.


"I Can't Do That."

Is this your personal mantra? If so, you need to change it. Self-confidence is essential to succeeding at work. Use these tips to up your confidence game.


Can't Afford a Vacation?

Here are 20 fun and low-cost ways to enjoy your "staycation."


Summertime Safety Tips

When the mercury rises, so does your risk of dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related conditions -- especially if you work outdoors or in an environment that's not air-conditioned. Use these tips to stay safe on the job this summer:

  1. Drink more water. Don't wait until you're thirsty! The Centers for Disease Control recommends drinking 2-4 glasses of cool liquids each hour when engaging in physical activity in the heat.
  2. Take breaks. Laborers, in particular, are at higher risk of developing heat stroke when the temperature and humidity rise. OSHA recommends resting in the shade to cool down and taking more frequent breaks – especially if you are new on the job and have not built a tolerance for working in hot conditions.

Reminder: Winston Resources is committed to keeping you safe on the job. Please call us at 212-557-5000 any time your work conditions or assignment duties are changed.

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