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Key to Avoiding Wrongful Termination Suits...No Surprises!

The Challenge: You find yourself face to face with a wrongful termination suit

The 60 Second Solution:
Key to Avoiding Wrongful Termination Suits
By Joan Lloyd

Want to avoid employee lawsuits for "wrongful termination?" Then listen up, because the answer is easier than you may think: No surprises.

How do managers get themselves in trouble?

They don't tell the employee the truth about his or her long-standing performance gaffs. Then, when the manager can't stand it anymore, he or she fires the person for some minor infraction.

A "wanna-be-liked" manager doesn't have the gumption to tell an employee he or she isn't up to snuff and a new manager comes in and has to play the bad guy.

A manager doesn't want to hurt his employee's feelings so he pulls his punches and sugar coats his words. The manager can't understand why the employee isn't changing his behavior and fires him.

So, are you ready for a quick lesson in how to avoid a lawsuit? (Or at least win one?) When you are having a problem with an employee, and want to begin disciplinary action, consider these 11 questions.
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