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Do you know the top three things your employees want from their jobs? (Besides more money.) One study shows the top three things workers want are:
  1. Interesting work
  2. Full appreciation for the work they do
  3. A feeling of being included
That in mind, does your reward system need a check-up? Check your system against the points in this issue of The Winston Advisor.

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Does your reward system
need a check-up?

The Challenge: Making employee reward systems more rewarding

The 60 Second Solution:

In 1964, Victor Vroom (a researcher) discovered that employees are only motivated by rewards that they want and they have a shot at obtaining.

So take a look and compare your current system against the following criteria:
  1. Find out what employees really want. In other words, what do your people value?
  2. Develop flexible reward systems that provide a variety of attractive outcomes.
  3. Make a clear connection between the behavior you want and the reward.
  4. Ensure that employees are trained properly so that they have the ability to do their jobs successfully (give them a realistic shot at success).
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