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Have you been utilizing independent contractors as a way to control labor costs? You are not alone! Unfortunately, the majority of this staff should be classified as W-4 employees with taxes being withheld. The government wants their money and has started the process of auditing companies that are using independent contractors. WINSTON can help you determine the proper status of this group of employees. If the employee is deemed a true W-4 employee, WINSTON can put this person on its payroll at a reduced markup to help you maintain the lower labor costs that you require. Just co-employment worries, no workers' compensation cost and no unemployment insurance exposure.

Click here for more info on Independent Contractor vs. W-4 Employee Status.

Let W-I-N-S-T-O-N do the work for you...since 1967.

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Why Use Staffing?

The Challenge: Finding the right employees for your organization.

Finding new employees should be easy...right? Placing a want ad may seem like a simple solution to this challenge, but how do you really find the best prospects and top talent your organization needs?

Did you know...
  • Hiring is a time-waster? The average company spends more than 25 hours hiring a single new employee.
  • Finding qualified talent isn't easy? Some of the best potential employees for your organization aren't combing job boards...they're producing results for their current employers!
  • Alternatives to full-time hiring can help save your organization time and money? Flexible staffing can reduce your labor cost up to 20 percent!
How can you find top employees for your organization, without using valuable resources?

The 60-Second Solution:

Don't go it alone--use a staffing agency to help your organization:
  1. Find Top Talent. Staffing agencies offer an expansive network of qualified, experienced talent--including professionals who aren't actively looking for work. Experienced recruiters will take the time to understand your organization, and the exact qualifications you need, to ensure the right fit for new employees, saving you considerable investments of time and funds.
  2. Reduce Disruption. The hiring process takes considerable time to manage. Staffing agencies can eliminate the time wasted screening resumes of unqualified applicants and conducting preliminary interviews with people who don't fit your need.
  3. Fill an Immediate Need. Most staffing companies maintain a database of applicants and can quickly pinpoint candidates who have the skills, experience and personality traits to be successful in your work environment. Staffing agencies can also find a temporary employee to fill in until you've located the right person.
  4. Avoid Wasting Time on Low-value Tasks. Skilled temporary help can help with non-critical or low-value tasks, freeing your top employees to spend their time on productive, profitable work.
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