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December 2014


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Make Yourself a Job Magnet

Make Yourself a Job Magnet

Searching for more compelling ways to attract a hiring manager's attention -- and land more interviews? Try one of these unusual ideas.


Job Hopping the RIGHT Way is Good for Your Career

How to Read Your Boss's Mind

Here are 10 things your boss isn't saying -- but wishes you knew.


Your Best New Year's Resolution? Stop Wasting Your Time

Your Best New Year's Resolution? Stop Wasting Your Time

You can't add hours to your day, but you can subtract the time you waste.

Interview Tip of the Month

Didn't Get Hired? Do This One Thing

Didn't Get Hired? Do This One Thing

Not getting the job is disappointing, but it also presents a learning opportunity. Asking followup questions after you've been rejected can help you grow as a job seeker and improve your candidacy the next time around:

  • Use the phone. Initiate with an email asking for constructive feedback, but suggest a phone call. Because of liability issues, an employer is more likely to respond if there's no written record of the conversation.
  • Get specific. "How can I improve my interviewing style?" "What key qualifications was I missing?" "Do you have suggestions for strengthening my resume or cover letter?"
  • Don't put your interviewer on the spot. You'll get more candid feedback if you don't ask directly why you weren't hired.

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