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September 2016


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You're Going to Wear That?!

You're Going to Wear That?!

Headed to an interview? Angling for a promotion? The fashion rules for today's modern office have changed. Here's how successful 9-to-5-ers dress to the nines.

What Does Be 'Professional' Really Mean?

What Does "Be Professional" Really Mean?

You hear it all the time in career advice articles, but what does "being professional" look like in action? Leadership expert Kevin Eikenberry breaks it down.

Pssst: Your Inner Voice is Talking to You

Pssst: Your Inner Voice is Talking to You

"Research that employer before the interview." "Save more money." "Just ask him (or her) out already!" Giving advice is easy. But when your inner voice speaks to you, why is it so hard to listen?


What Your Shoes Tell Your Interviewer

Research shows that people can accurately determine 90 percent of an individual's personality from their shoes. Color, condition, cost and style make a big impact -- so be sure you're sending your interviewer the right message:

  1. Choose a neutral color. Unless you're interviewing for a creative role, stick with brown, black, cordovan (for men) or nude (for women).
  2. Shine them up. If you will be wearing shoes you've owned for awhile, make sure they're in good repair. Polish the leather and replace the laces.
  3. Skip the embellishments. Bows? Sequins? Distracting buckles? Not right for an interview situation.
  4. Make sure you can walk comfortably in them. Make sure your shoes aren't so tight they cause you to limp, or so loose that they fall off your feet. For women, make sure the heels aren't so high that they cause you to trip or walk oddly.
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